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Can you shoot professional looking video with a smartphone?

Can you shoot professional looking video with a smartphone?

Yes, you can shoot a video yourself with your smartphone that is good enough to be considered professional quality. Today, both Apple and Android smartphones can shoot in ultra high definition (UHD) resolution – that’s 3820 by 2160. That is over five times greater than what TV stations were broadcasting in 2003! The reason your video might not look “professional” isn’t because of a smartphone, it’s the poor techniques many people use to shoot.

While hiring a professional film crew will get great results, many top companies also create videos “in house.” The Aberdeen Group reports, “we know that many firms blend in-house and third-party servicers to develop video assets.” The fact that so many individuals now have a smartphones put near professional quality video in reach of any company large or small.

Not all projects are suited for in-house production. You probably wouldn’t want your convention presentation to be shot with a smartphone. However, getting reaction from people on the convention floor to that presentation and getting the video out quickly is exactly the project best shot by smartphone video. Regardless of budget, things best shot with smartphone video tend to be quick and have a short shelf life.

Some examples of things to record with smartphone video include:

  • Immediate reactions by people to presentations or news
  • Special announcements like a new home on the market or a sale that lasts only one day
  • Video blogs

Here are some things best filmed by professionals with professional equipment:

  • Programs that will require a lot of graphics, special effects or other editing
  • Programs involving two or more people talking on camera
  • Programs in loud, dark or otherwise difficult locations

If you want to get more professional looking video with your smartphone, you will need to use a few techniques to make the video look better. The number one technique is simply turning your smartphone horizontal instead of vertical. This is vital if you plan to distribute your video via a service such as YouTube. If you send vertical video to a distribution service, they will add black bars to the sides to picture appear horizontal. Nothing says “amateur” like a vertical video recording. Turn the smartphone on it’s side and shoot video horizontal and you image is no different from a TV station!

To learn more techniques to get professional looking video from a smartphone, I suggest taking one of the many classes available on the subject. We at Modern Media Answers, LLC., offer these classes but they are also available elsewhere. Check out this page on our website for more details.

Yes, you can get professional looking video from your smartphone if you simply use the correct techniques. Join the people creating professional quality video from their smartphones today!


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