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Do baby boomer executives watch business webs videos?

Do baby boomer executives watch business webs videos?

Of course baby boomer executives watch web videos about business. Corporate executives of all ages watch business related videos on the web. They not only watch, they share the videos with their colleagues and friends. They also act on what they see by visiting websites, calling for more information and even making decisions to purchase. And there is research to prove it!

Forbes magazine published the results of a study on C-suite executives using non-text based web material – video. They did a survey of 300 C-level and senior executives at half billion dollar or larger corporations. 26% of these executives watch business web videos daily and a whopping 75% watch business web videos at least weekly!


But what about those boomer executives you ask? The research showed 66% of the executives over 50 watched web videos at least weekly with 15% watching daily. What did those executives do after they watched? They acted on what they saw! Two thirds of those executives visited a website after watching a business web video and most importantly 26% made a business purchase. That falls in line with other research that shows 96% of US adults find web videos helpful in making purchase decisions.


But there is even more positive news about showing business web videos to baby-boomers. Those baby boomer executives help you spread your videos by sharing them with their colleagues and friends. Yes, 23% of those boomer executives will pass along the link to a video to their colleagues they believe might be interested. And 28% of those boomers say they have received videos from their colleagues.


Just because the executives you are trying to reach are over 50 is not a reason to avoid using video! Don’t forget they are the generation that made TV a part of everyday life from the time they were small children! If you are trying to market to baby boomer executives, don’t forget to include video in your mix!

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