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Do Whiteboard explainer videos work?

Do Whiteboard explainer videos work?

Yes, whiteboard video or whiteboard explainer animation is extremely effective. Studies have shown people remember more of what they see in a whiteboard explainer video than from a person on camera. Most importantly, people are more likely to purchase after watching a whiteboard video.

Let’s examine some of the numbers behind all of this. First of all, research by Animoto.com shows:

  • 96% of US adults find videos helpful in making purchase decisions.
  • 73% of US adults are more likely to purchase after watching a video that explains a product or service.
  • 71% of US adults say videos leave a positive impression of the company.
  • 77% of US adults say companies that produce online videos are more engaged.

Now all of that is great for video in general, but what about whiteboard animation or whiteboard explainer videos. Well, research by psychologist Richard E. Mayer combining simple graphics with voice over improved learning and problem solving by 50% to 75%! Mayer found people do best when:

  • Extraneous material is excluded – simpler images are better
  • Animation is matched with narration
  • The narration and the illustrated words and pictures are close together
  • The animation reveals the information bit by bit and the mind of the viewer instinctively completes the information

Another study did a comparison between a person talking on camera and a whiteboard animation of the same material. Dr. Richard Wiseman recorded himself on video giving a lecture and then took the same audio track and created a whiteboard animation. He show both to audiences, gave them a test and the results were amazing. There was a 15% higher recall from the whiteboard audience than the audience that watched him on camera.

So the research clearly shows whiteboard video or whiteboard explainer animation really is more effective than live people! Why not add whiteboard explainer animation to your website today?

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