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McKee Smith, MBA – President and Chief Creator

McKee founded Modern Media Answers, LLC., in 2013 after identifying a need for network quality video marketing with lower than network level prices. Prior to that, McKee worked for HIT Entertainment for over a decade. He was part of the team that brought Barney the Dinosaur to PBS. He created video marketing pieces for children’s shows including Thomas the Tank Engine, Bob the Builder, Angelina Ballerina and Mike the Knight.

McKee has an MBA from Baylor University and a BA in Radio-Television-Film from the University of North Texas. He is a member of the Picture Editors Peer-group in the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. Because of his MBA, McKee approaches video marketing from a goal based approach. Every project should begin by setting a specific goal and then the video marketing created in a way to achieve that goal. Videos without a specific goal are often pretty, but what is the return on investment? How can the company measure if the video marketing was a wise use of their capital? Setting goals at the beginning of the process means knowing what you aim to achieve and when you have achieved it!

Here are some testimonials about McKee on his LinkedIn page

Jeff King, Driving Innovations with the most Intelligent Data Analytics and Effective Digital Technologies –

“As the Chairman of the Kellogg Encore Symposium, I sought out McKee Smith after he delivered an insightful presentation on the role of video in digital marketing. Video, done well, will be the main focus of “content marketing.

Well…during our Symposium, McKee executed flawlessly. We set up an outline of priorities….and he jumped into the flow of the event immediately.

We plan on featuring the various video clips, testimonials, event coverage and edited sharable action pieces. It will go a long way to explain the magic of the day….and convince sponsors, future speakers and targeted guests to come next year.

Our team highly recommends McKee and his various services.”

Bill Kopitke, Partner at Forward Foundations, LLC

“I know the challenge of finding marketing and media support that is both creative and responsible. After knowing and working with McKee for several years, I am confident to recommend McKee as a talented and trustworthy professional. If you haven’t tested his service, especially to help keep up with the media experience expected by today’s generation, give him a try – you’ll thank me!”

Nancy Breedlove, Program Producer at MJM Creative Services

“I’ve worked with McKee for over a decade and I learned something new from him everyday. A lot of people think they know post production, but they go to McKee to find out if they are right. McKee really KNOWS about editing, digital media, and video technology trends because he works with them in such depth…in every frame rate and type of standard you could ever dream up.

Besides his technical knowledge, McKee is extremely talented creatively and his contributions to Trailers, TV Spots, sizzles and special projects have been invaluable.
I feel privileged to have worked with such a talented, nice person for so many years. If you are looking for someone who can work independently and make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear, McKee is your miracle worker!”

Elizabeth Weber, Project Manager

“I had the privilege of working with McKee Smith at HIT Entertainment for about 9 years. McKee was the Senior Editor on countless projects that I managed, and his superb skills always provided an end product that exceeded our clients’ expectations. McKee’s editing expertise, creativity, and ability to see the “big picture” of a project all came together to make magic happen in his edit suite!

In addition to his superb editing skills, McKee also made himself invaluable to our team in a technical consulting capacity. McKee always stayed a couple of steps ahead in learning about the ever evolving television technology, from new editing software capabilities to the latest in digital delivery requirements.

Whether you need an editor and consultant on a big creative project, or someone who can whip out repetitive edits on a quick turnaround, McKee Smith is the editor for you!”

Shaun Gish, Producer, Digital Imaging Technician and Aerial Camera Operator

“McKee Smith is a consummate professional that possesses an acute attention to detail and a vast technical expertise that’s difficult to find in the television world. His knowledge casts a wide net; proficient in non linear editing systems and graphics packages, yet not forgetting his roots in the linear editing world.

McKee is a joy to work for; organized, creative and open to sharing his expertise and ideas. With the forthcoming MBA, the sky’s the limit!”

When not creating video, McKee enjoys traveling and drinking craft beer. He lives in Coppell, Texas, with his wife and their son.