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Smartphone Video Class

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Smartphone Video Class

Have you ever wanted to get more professional looking video from your own smartphone or tablet? You can! This class will show you how. In this class we:

  1. Create a short video
  2. Add a title
  3. Learn to create a YouTube Channel and upload our video there
  4. Upload our video to Facebook
  5. Upload our video to Twitter
  6. Learn about optional, inexpensive accessories that will improve your videos

Everyone in the class gets an illustrated notebook with complete instructions on how to do all of this on your own. These $99 classes are three hours long and are held in Tarrant and Dallas counties. Registration is through Eventbrite.com. Here are the currently scheduled classes

Date           Time                    Location     – Click on the date to go to the Eventbrite page for that class!
Sept. 30 – 9am to 12pm – Ensemble Coworking, 1617 Park Place Ave #110, Fort Worth, TX, 76110