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Speaker Promos

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Speaker Promos

If you are a professional speaker, you really, truly need a video to promote yourself. Nothing shows the quality of your presentations to potential booking like a video of one of your actual speeches! Generally, speaker promos come in two basic formats.

First, a recording of an entire presentation. This is just what it says it is, your entire speech is show in a video. These are great for showing how well you present but can be a little long for someone choosing between several speakers to watch. Here is an example of an entire speech video.



The second format is a condensed version of a presentation. This takes portions of a speech or presentation and mixes them with comments from audience members. This is especially suited for showing people quick samples of a speakers abilities. Here’s a sample.



Both types of promos have their place and both are quite useful. We’d like to talk to you about what you might need.