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Does video help Facebook posts?

Does video help Facebook posts?

Yes, video helps Facebook posts reach more people than any other kind of post or media. And there is research to back this up! SocialBakers.com found adding video to your Facebook posts increases the “organic reach” (verses the paid reach) more than any other media.

The SocialBakers.com research from February 2015, showed videos had an 8.7% organic reach, which was higher than the second place status updates at 5.8%. Now a couple of percentage points might not seem like much, but when the top of the list is only in single digits a couple of points is huge!

Many of you are asking, what is “reach.” Facebook has an article defining reach here, but basically it’s “the number of people who have seen your post.” This is broken down between those who see it “organically” or naturally through what Facebook chooses to put in a newsfeed and “paid” which someone pays to add to a newsfeed.

In June 2016, video accounted for just 0.9% of the total posts on Facebook. Yet, 11.1% of all shares, 7.15% of all reach and 5.2% of all likes. Yes, 9/10s of a percentage point of content created over 1 out of every 10 shares! According the SocialFlow.com some outlets might be seeing even better results!

By the way, SocialFlow.com uses Facebook Live to spread their information via video!

Facebook is really pushing video via Facebook Live and is actually paying the big media companies to create Facebook Live content. The Wall Street Journal reports Facebook has nearly 140 contracts worth over $50 million to create Facebook Live video content for them. Mark Zuckerberg said himself in a Popular Science within five years, Facebook will be mostly video.

There is no question that video will help your Facebook posts. It will be “liked” more often. It will be shared more often. And most importantly, video will help your Facebook post be seen and reach more people!

If you are ready to join the Facebook video revolution, give us a call at Modern Media Answers, LLC. We can help you create video content to drive more customers directly to you!

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